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Mental Health/Suicide/Caregiver By – Sheri de Grom How could dying be more tempting than living? How could such a desperate act seem like a reasonable solution to one’s problems? How was I to know that I would be faced with … Continue reading

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Medicare/Medical 2015 by – Sheri de Grom What are the chances you’ll become an elder orphan? Are you 65 or older, without children and alone? No one knows exactly how many individuals fall into this newly-created medical care category. The theory … Continue reading

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Mental Health/Bipolar Disorder/Journal Notes by: Sheri de Grom NOTES FROM MY JOURNAL – MONTEREY, CA CHRISTMAS EVE – 1991 I departed Tom’s hospital room at 10:30 p.m. after his last medication dose for the day. I kissed him goodnight as … Continue reading

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Mental Health/Journal Notes/Slice of Life by:  Sheri de Grom Notes From My Journal – Monterey, California Late 1990s My office on Fort Ord was quieter than usual: no laughter, chatter or copy machines running. Usually the investigators bantered with each … Continue reading

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Mental Health/PTSD by: Sheri de Grom Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a difficult mental health condition to treat and terrorizing to live with daily. I’ve written hundreds of pages in my journals, over the years, detailing my own difficulties with … Continue reading

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Mental Health/Suicide by – Sheri de Grom Compiled from journal notes, April 26, 1996, Washington, DC Burdened by my bulging briefcase, I’d hoped to get a jump on the day. We were celebrating our tenth anniversary tonight and I wanted … Continue reading

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Mental Health/Bipolar Disorder/Suicide by – Sheri de Grom Our world shook this past week with collective sadness. We didn’t want to believe what we’d heard. Robin Williams’ suicide should not have happened. There were brief moments in time when Robin … Continue reading

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  I didn’t know the title of the theme song for the long-running television show MASH, but Tom did. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Tom could name the song, Suicide Is Painless, and sang along with it whenever it … Continue reading

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Medical 2014 by – Sheri de Grom The Obama Administration (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) set forth a proposed rule, January 2014. The proposal [Federal Register Vol.79, No 7, Pg1-157] would have brought about broad changes for about … Continue reading

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Life Tossed Me A Curve Ball Slice of Life by – Sheri de Grom I haven’t been a good blogging friend the past two months. Life tossed me a curve ball when I wasn’t looking. And then another, and another—and … Continue reading

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