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Mental Health/Discrimination/Diagnostic Overshadowing/Mortality/Medical Care 2015 by:  Sheri de Grom Why do I continue to question the ongoing discrimination of medical professionals toward individuals with a mental health diagnosis? I see the defeat in Tom’s eyes when he tells me, “There’s … Continue reading

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Healthcare/Medical 2015/One Woman’s Opinion by – Sheri de Grom Statistics regarding our U.S. healthcare system are often alarming and baffling at the same time. Numbers I’ve discovered while researching one topic or another include the following: We’ve created a healthcare … Continue reading

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Medicare/Medical 2015 by – Sheri de Grom What are the chances you’ll become an elder orphan? Are you 65 or older, without children and alone? No one knows exactly how many individuals fall into this newly-created medical care category. The theory … Continue reading

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