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Mental Health/Bipolar Disorder/Journal Notes by: Sheri de Grom NOTES FROM MY JOURNAL – MONTEREY, CA CHRISTMAS EVE – 1991 I departed Tom’s hospital room at 10:30 p.m. after his last medication dose for the day. I kissed him goodnight as … Continue reading

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Mental Health/Journal Notes/Slice of Life by:  Sheri de Grom Notes From My Journal – Monterey, California Late 1990s My office on Fort Ord was quieter than usual: no laughter, chatter or copy machines running. Usually the investigators bantered with each … Continue reading

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Medical 2014 by – Sheri de Grom   Compiling satisfactory evidence for prosecution of individual(s) committing health care fraud requires thousands of man hours and sheer determination that this time, this one isn’t going to get away. Often it takes … Continue reading

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