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Bipolar Disorder/Mental Health/Slice Of Life By – Sheri de Grom Goodwill toward men—my first thought on Christmas morning. No, Sheri. You will not feel sorry for yourself. This is your life and welcome to it. You made the decision to … Continue reading

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  Caregiving/Advocacy/Medical 2016 By – Sheri de Grom Looking back to my last post of Dec 20, 2015 [you may read it here], I had no idea my life would soon become a powder keg. Many of you have asked … Continue reading

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ACA/Medical 2015/Insurance/Bipolar by – Sheri de Grom An irony of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is that millions of people have gained access to insurance but their deductible is so high that it’s left them uninsured. Providers are reporting the … Continue reading

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Mental Health/Suicide/Caregiver By – Sheri de Grom How could dying be more tempting than living? How could such a desperate act seem like a reasonable solution to one’s problems? How was I to know that I would be faced with … Continue reading

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Mental Health/Caregiver/Medical Care 2015 by – Sheri de Grom Imagine my surprise when I read in the March/April 2015 issue of Psychology Network that psychotherapy was in a decline or even in a freefall. According to a study published in … Continue reading

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Mental Health/Discrimination/Diagnostic Overshadowing/Mortality/Medical Care 2015 by:  Sheri de Grom Why do I continue to question the ongoing discrimination of medical professionals toward individuals with a mental health diagnosis? I see the defeat in Tom’s eyes when he tells me, “There’s … Continue reading

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Mental Health/Bipolar Disorder/Journal Notes by: Sheri de Grom NOTES FROM MY JOURNAL – MONTEREY, CA CHRISTMAS EVE – 1991 I departed Tom’s hospital room at 10:30 p.m. after his last medication dose for the day. I kissed him goodnight as … Continue reading

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Mental Health/Bipolar Disorder/Mortality by: Sheri de Grom We’ve lived with Tom’s bipolar disorder for 26 years and it’s propelled us into a world we never envisioned. Bipolar disorder had come to stay at our home and it was devastating. However, … Continue reading

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Medical 2015 by – Sheri de Grom The emerging model of concierge medicine has its roots in both patient and physician frustration. BASIC CONCIERGE MODEL Patients pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to join a physician practice. The physician … Continue reading

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The American Recall Center/Personal Experience by – Sheri de Grom Each day begins with my swallowing a handful of pills and injecting a shot. Each medication has more side effects than I care to think about. Four of the pills … Continue reading

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