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FanFoFeb: Teenage car crash!

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Rose petals, a can of larger and broken glass tell a tale. This should make you cry, I doubt it will fail. If the car was speeding and the driver had a drink. If young people…

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de Grom’s Top Ten Reads of 2013 Book Reviews by – Sheri de Grom Sheri de Grom’s Top Nine Fiction Novels and a Memoir  Please note that not all of the novels listed in my top ten for the year … Continue reading

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Sharks At My Grave The Fourth House by: Sheri de Grom From Journal Entry: January 2001, North Carolina. ‘As I look back over twenty years of living and loving Tom with bipolar disorder, I acknowledge how much of my life … Continue reading

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Where Have The Doctors Gone? Medical Care, 2014 by – Sheri de Grom I knew it would happen; I just wasn’t sure when. My internist and I were discussing some of my continuing health concerns and he admitted he would … Continue reading

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My Name is Kendall ~ and I’m A Fighter!

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Kendall is my friend’s brother.  Watch this video.  Then help me share it, if you feel the power of it….as we did.  Walk a mile in my shoes ~ To Kendall ~ FIGHT…

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