Books I Love

The Velveteen Rabbit – Margery Williams
The Bridges of Madison County – Robert James Waller
Fires Of Spring – James Mitchner
The Rest Of Her Life – Laura Moriarty
The Sinner’s Guide To Confession – Phyllis Schieber
Life Without Summer – Lynne Griffin
The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D – Nichole Bernier
One Thousand White Women – Jim Fergus
The Snow Child – Eowyn Ivey
Her Sister’s Shadow – Katherine Britton
Still Alice – Lisa Genova
Evening – Susan Minot
The Comfort of Lies – Randy Susan Meyers
Margaret From Maine – Joseph Monninger
No Time to Say Goodbye – Carla Fine
Katherine Graham, Personal History – Katherine Graham
God Knows You’re Grieving – Joan Guntzelman
A Cup of Coffee At The Soul Cafe – Leonard Sweet
You Are Not A Stranger Here – Adam Haslett
The Perfect Storm – Sebestian Junger
Two Old Women – Velma Wallis
You Know When The Men Are Gone – Siobhan Fallon
A Place Of My Own – Michael Pollan
While They’re At War – Kristin Henderson
A Cherokee Feast Of Days – Joyce Sequichie Hifler


18 Responses to Books I Love

  1. inesephoto says:

    Sheri, I am suggesting Liane Moriarty books to you. You will love them. Can start with The Last Anniversary.

    • Inese – Thanks for the suggestion. I read about 1/2 of ‘The Hypnotist’s Love Story.’ I never felt connected and put the novel down to read something else. Several of her books have been recommended to me. On your suggestion, I’ll give her another go.
      I’ve been reading light for almost a year now. When Tom became so very ill last Aug, it seems my power of concentration took off on it’s own. I should finish ‘Accidents of Marriage’ by Randy Susan Meyers tonight. It’s been a 5 star read for me.

      • inesephoto says:

        Sheri, thank you for the suggestion – I will read the Accidents of Marriage. How would I know what to read if I didn’t have the WordPress 🙂 I too read just shortly before I fall asleep, but still it is OK and I move forward. The Last Anniversary is about a family living on an island and having secrets from each other. My daughter suggested the book to me, and I liked it.

  2. inesephoto says:

    Sheri – some impressive list here. I was glad to find a couple of books I have read and liked. Hope your week is good.

  3. Hi Sheri.

    I did survive the trip to Vermont, where it is bitterly cold unlike the southern new england states I am familiar with..But I survived what I consider to be a nearly mortal trip and I made it here. so that it the important thing at the moment. Things will happen now as they happen. Don’t know what is going to become of me, but I do have funds, which is very important, and for the time being a roof over my head. I also have some people looking out for me. Whether this turns out to be in my best interest or not, remains to be seen, but I will give them a chance at least for now…

    Thank you for the book suggestion and, you know, just for being there!


  4. Dear Sheri, a personal note on The Velveteen Rabbit…(And by the way, is there any better book for children or adults?) In fact I did not read TVR until I was a rather older adult myself, and neither did my best friend, Joe. Not long afterwards he came down with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Taken off the ventilator in extremis, he died two and a half years ago. Joe had the misfortune to have bulbar ALS, the cruelest form, which takes speech and breathing muscles first, yet he lived for four years on a ventilator, using an ERICA device to speak for him (I have since forgotten what this ERICA acronym stood for, but essentially ERICA was a computer with eye-gaze responsive technology that read the glint in his eye and spoke what he spelled). Despite his horrendous and eventually fatal illness, Joe was a lovely person and one of the happiest individuals you could ever meet. I tell you this because while I was packing up my apartment to move away from Connecticut this past month, I came across a mini-tape recorder with a tape of Joe reading THE VELVETEEN RABBIT aloud in his natural voice. He must have made this tape shortly before ALS robbed him of intelligibility. How important this book, TVR, must have been to him, reading it aloud, intending to preserve it in his own voice. I know you can imagine how terribly precious to me this has made both this book ( and the tape) now. I thank you , Sheri, just for letting me share this personal anecdote about something that was so touching and amazing to me….

    • Thank you, Pamela for sharing this tender story. I well understand how the tape is a cherished possession. I also came to the Velveteen Rabbit as an adult and once I latched on, I couldn’t let go. Have you read The Velveteen Principles by Toni Raiten-D’Antonio? It’s a guide to becoming real based on the principles of The Velveteen Rabbit. And, of course, there’s a sequel.
      I’ve been thinking I need to add to my ‘Books I Love’ to bring it up to date. I’ve read some awesome books since I last updated my list. I hope you are doing well. Sheri

  5. Emily Grace says:

    Have you read “The Magic of Ordinary Days” by Ann Howard Creel? It’s a favorite read and not a bad Hallmark movie adaptation either.

  6. gpcox says:

    I read everything I can get my hands on, except romance – not too big on that – I find the plots repetitive. [off topic – do you live in the D.C. area?] Say HI to Tom and the Vets for me.

    • I’ve also always loved to read and like you I pretty much draw the line on romance. It’s not that I’m a snob, the genre doesn’t hold me due to the formula style writing. I prefer a novel that’ll give me something to think about. As for DC – we lived there for five years. My career took us there. Never thought I’d say this but I miss the pace of DC and the built-in cultural opportunities. We’ve had 9 moves since then and now find ourselves in AR.

  7. I’m reading my son the Velveteen Rabbit now:) He is just a toddler so we read only a few pages at a time, but so far it is a very good book!! He even has the rabbit to go with!

  8. Bonnie Zimmerman says:

    Sheri, I would love to know some of your books that you love. Pizo

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