Changes to WP Reader~

Thank you Cindy Knoke for bringing us this valuable information.

I had to search to find this. Are you aware of the changes to the WP Reader? They are compressing and chopping posts in the Reader to accomplish what they call “streamlining” so the viewer can scan more posts more quickly while seeing less of your content in their reader. What WP is doing is giving your post much less than half the room it used to have in the reader, sometimes only two lines of text if you don’t have photos.

They are also now inserting blogs they promote in your Reader. So they are taking up the room they are saving by compressing your posts in the Reader with blogs you are not following and they are promoting.

This seems manipulative and non-transparent on WordPress’s part and not in the best interest of bloggers.

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About Sheri de Grom

Retired Fed/JAG, 5 yrs. on Capitol Hill. Former book buyer for B and N. Concerned citizen of military drawdown. Currently involved in mental healthcare reform, health care strategist and actively pursuing legislative change wherein dual retirees are exempt from enrolling in Medicare at their own discretion without losing tertiary healthcare benefits. Monitor and comment on Federal Register proposed legislation involving Mental Health, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, Medicare and rural libraries. Licensed OSHA Inspector to include Super Fund sites. Full time caregive to Vietnam era veteran. Conceptualized, investigated possible alternatives, authored, lobbied for, and successfully implemented Title X, Section 1095 (known as the Third Party Collection Program of Federal Insurance).
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10 Responses to Changes to WP Reader~

  1. I have never used the WP Reader. I never liked it so I developed my own system using Excel and links to blogs that I follow.

  2. Thanks Sheri for sharing this information, I’m sure others are upset too but W.P will reap what they sow, making unnecessary changes always causes problems, yes they can claim that these changes are needed but it’s what Blog owners want that’s important as they will find out when it’s time for Bloggers to pay for their yearly Bundles.

    Blessings – Anne.

    • Hello, Anne. Many apologies for not responding to your comment sooner. I’ve had a blazing infected tooth and still a week before I can get into the oral surgeon. I hope you are well, my friend, and that your holiday season was joyous and free of pain. We had a nice holiday with Tom at home and all was quiet. Happy New Year, Lovely lady.

  3. I don’t know any blogger who likes or supports this change. It would be nice if WP cared about that and went with what it’s bloggers want. Sigh. Hope you are doing well enough Sheri. Wishing all the best and more for the New Year!!

    • Thank you, Mar. I’ve been complaining for months about this issue but it hasn’t made a difference. It seems things are going to remain the same or as long as WordPress wants our readers wants them to stay the same.

  4. cindy knoke says:

    Thank you Sheri! I don’t know what is more annoying, promoting blogs I don’t follow in my reader, or cutting space from blogs I do follow in my reader to do this! Bad form WP!

    • Cindy – I flat don’t want blogs I don’t follow promoted in my reader. We have so many ways to find individual blogs we might be interested in, I say, let us find our own way. I believe it would leave us with far more time exploring vs spending time cleaning up our readers. Out of sheer frustration I’ve dumped several of my lists to start over.

  5. ksbeth says:

    yes, it is all based upon making it easier for people to reason their mobile devices and not worth what is lost in the process in my opinion. i wish they would give us options to stay with what we want or switch over when they make these changes.

    • Yes, Beth. It seems I get a system that works for me and then with a push of a button, everything is gone and I’m back at some former or future state not in line with where I wanted to be. While I’m not against progress, some of what WordPress has had in the past has worked really well for me. Others, they’ve improved upon. I’d like to make my own choices.

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