Letter to My Readers
Slice of Life
By – Sheri de Grom

Asilomar Beach along Monterey, CA  coast will always call me home.

Asilomar Beach along Monterey, CA coast will always call me home.

The time is past due for me to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog. I appreciate the time and effort you invest and each comment touches my heart and soul in a special way.

I’m really going to start ‘that list.’ You know, that list many of us have put off doing. The list of amazing bloggers we follow and want others to know about.

Beginning with the coming week I pledge that I will add a minimum of ten bloggers I follow on a regular basis to my Blogs I Follow page. When I follow a blogger, I make every effort to read each of their posts and comments. However, we all know this is not always possible.

I’ve been lost in a web of extra responsibilities as my husband’s full-time caregiver, but that doesn’t get me off the hook for acknowledging awards that have been graciously passed along to me.

My blog is now officially an ‘Awards Free Blog’ but that does not diminish the work of bloggers that have passed an amazing number of awards on to me.

I’ll begin posting a minimum of five of those awards each week along with the ten individuals I follow on a regular basis.

I admire each and every blogger that faces the empty screen and their community of bloggers in order to share the truth of who they are and what has shaped them. I’ve read magnificent poetry, viewed photography and artistry that would be at home in the world’s greatest galleries and even picked up a recipe or two and almost everyone knows that I don’t cook.

In the meantime, keep writing. I love reading blogs and I’m honored that you have the time in your busy schedules to read and comment on mine.

Heritage Antique White Climbing Roses Sheri's Garden

Heritage Antique White Climbing Roses
Sheri’s Garden

About Sheri de Grom

Retired Fed/JAG, 5 yrs. on Capitol Hill. Former book buyer for B and N. Concerned citizen of military drawdown. Currently involved in mental healthcare reform, health care strategist and actively pursuing legislative change wherein dual retirees are exempt from enrolling in Medicare at their own discretion without losing tertiary healthcare benefits. Monitor and comment on Federal Register proposed legislation involving Mental Health, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, Medicare and rural libraries. Licensed OSHA Inspector to include Super Fund sites. Full time caregive to Vietnam era veteran. Conceptualized, investigated possible alternatives, authored, lobbied for, and successfully implemented Title X, Section 1095 (known as the Third Party Collection Program of Federal Insurance).
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99 Responses to LETTER TO MY READERS

  1. Ralph says:

    Hi Sheri 😀 Just a few words to say what a wonderful caring person you are. I can relate as I cared for a friend 24/7 for two years pretty much on my own. My only advice I can give you is to make sure that you have some ME time where you can recharge your batteries so to speak. On reading your reply prior to my comment the ME time is really important to your own well being when times are tough for both of you. Happy New Year. Ralph xox 😀

  2. dear Sheri,
    You have paved the way of LOVE for us all. You are, for me, the Christmas LIGHT! You never waver and you give more than one hundred per cent! The love you have for your husband and all that you have done for him, is beautiful for me to see. It causes me to believe in LOVE…and that gives me the courage to go on each day! I am an intermittent writer–my depression gets to me–but then, all of a sudden a memory of you and how you love your Tom, comes to my mind…and I continue on. Thank you for sharing your life with us! Thank you for your LIGHT!

  3. Thank YOU, Sheri, for courageously sharing your (and Tom’s) story with us.

  4. Brenda says:

    I hope your Christmas is a magical time with heartfelt warmth and treats galore. 🙂 And I hope you get great sleep, since that always makes things seem better.

  5. Speech of heart always mesmerizes
    with regards

  6. bur911 says:

    On the contrary, we should be thanking you for your amazing blog and nice comments on ours. You have a good day and keep astonishing us with your nice posts. 🙂

  7. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing says:

    Happy Holidays Sheri de From!

  8. As I read through your blog and comments…..well….just look at how loved you are, friend!? You touch so many lives. Thank you♥ paula

  9. Dace says:

    “..The time is past due for me to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog. I appreciate the time and effort you invest and each comment touches my heart and soul in a special way…”

    GSUS, these words freaked me out for a second. I thought you were about to say goodbye. Good, it is just about awards and followers. Now I can go back to my afternoon coffee and not choak

  10. Sheri there’s a reason you receive awards and a reason you have high traffic, comments & beautiful words left by the bloggers who know you. Your spirit is always kind & giving & you never fail to make us smile. Like the many others who would agree, we are the ones who are blessed & are so happy to call you one of our networking friends.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely response. I honestly had mixed thoughts about posting my letter but I wanted everyone to know how much I appreciated them and their support as my husband and I work together to find ways to survive his illness. We don’t want to survive, we wish to remember beautiful moments and make new ones as we travel this road of life together. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you know I’m 100% behind your amazing work and am continually delighted at how well you work together.

  11. quirkybooks says:

    Hi Sheri, just to let you know, I finally got around to making my blog award nominations from the awards that you kindly gave to me. http://quirkybooks.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/double-awards-dragons-loyalty-award-and-the-wordpress-family-award/

    • Thank you for letting me know. I’m so far behind myself and my goal is to clean up my award acknowledgments before the new year rolls in plus add at a minimum of ten individuals I follow to my page of ‘blogs I follow.’ I’ve managed to get so involved in other blogging activities, I’ve let awards and important blog housekeeping functions pass. I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution. I don’t really believe in them. I do however believe in setting a specific goal to accomplish and this is one of them. Hugs and blessings for a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  12. cindy knoke says:

    Thank you for being here Sheri. I am blessed to have met you in 2013 and look forward to more of your excellent posts in 2014! Merry Christmas~

    • Cindy – Hello and it’s always nice to have you drop by. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. I’ll probably have 2 to 3 Mental Health blogs before Christmas and then maybe not that many.
      You must have shaken some folks up about the reader as I actually found one of your blogs there. Now I will have to go hunting for the others I’ve missed because I know they are out there. I hope where ever you are, your safe and warm and the hearth is glowing.
      Just a hint of mental health blogs coming up: Anniversary Triggers (ours directly impacts the complete holiday season) and it would have to be split into two blogs. Then I have a blog worked up that I’ve titled ‘Sharks At My Grave.’ It’s a reoccuring nightmare that haunted me for well over 20 years. Then the hardest blog to write (I haven’t tackled it yet as it will be emotion charged and tough to write will be titled: Christmas is in the attic). Now you have a little preview for what I have planned.
      I also feel truly blessed to have found you and know that you understand mental health issues and your familiarity with DoD, and how the government works. Sheri

  13. Sheri, gmail neglected to deliver this on Monday … and so I went looking for you. I love that you have the strength and presence of mind to do as much as you do. Wherever you take your blog and whatever subject your post, I always look forward to a good read when I come here.

    Please have a peaceful and joyous Holiday season … my love to you and Tom 🙂

    • Florence – I hope you know how much your friendship means to Tom and me. I have a few books in the waiting room to be written up but my life has indeed taken a significant turn. Last night Tom was having a hard time physically and trying to go to sleep. I read to him from your Wed post and of course played the music and he finally dozed off into a slumber that lasted around four hours. That’s a good record for his sleep patern.

  14. likeitiz says:

    Sheri, always thinking of you and your husband when I hear or read about people struggling with their present ‘givens.” Sending your way, always, good thoughts. Keep the strength. We’re all rooting for you.

  15. Hi Sheri, Praying for you and your husband. In spite of your challenges, you keep so positive and encouraging to me and to so many others. May God bless you and yours and fill you with peace, especially during this Christmas season!

  16. Patty B says:

    You know how I feel about you – you are an encourager and a very lovely person. Your health and your husbands must always come first. Life does get in the way and whenever I am unable to read all my blogs God always seems to allow me the time to read the ones I need to hear the most. Each person who writes touches my life in so many ways, they are like good friends – we don’t need to read them every day to know they are here with us in our hearts. God bless you as you continue to touch of all of our lives.

    • Hello my friend – Yes, life does go on and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Tonight was another trip to the ER but thankfully it was an easy trip, or as easy as a trip to the ER can be. Tom is resting comfortably and I’m taking an hour ‘me’ time before heading to bed. My prayers are with you and the children but then you already know that. You are right, the blogs I seem to need the most always seem to be the ones that happen to be on my screen at any given moment. Thanks for being there for me.

      • Patty B says:

        Thank you for being here for me. Sheri you have been a rock for me – God bless you and Tom and I pray he is soon doing better – and you!

  17. Sheri, like you, I am so thankful for my blog followers and for the encouraging bloggers like you that I follow.

    • It’s positively wonderful this blogging community that develops and we connect with it in some devine way. When I’m at the keyboard writing or reading blogs aloud to my husband, it’s all a magical way of seeing the world in all it’s glory. You have so much insight to offer and your blogs are always uplifting. I read your honeymoon blog to my husband and we both had a couple chuckles there. I know – not funny at the time but great storytelling later. We’ve all been in those ‘places’ when the travel brochure isn’t exactly the end result.

  18. Sheryl says:

    Be sure to take care of yourself–and don’t worry about reciprocating (or even reading our blogs when it’s too much). We’ll be there when you need us.

    • Sheryl – I enjoy reading your blog and many others. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have as much time to commit and I simply wanted to say thank you to everyone that followed me and were extending a gracious hand. I may not always leave a comment but if I leave a ‘like’ for you, you’ll know I’ve been to your home and I’ve read what you have written. I especially like comparing what your grandmother wrote in her diary as the information often provides me a hint of somewhere I might look for more information regarding the secrets surrounding my aunts murder.

  19. Patricia Sands says:

    Sheri, you have so much on your plate and still you manage to find time to be so thoughtful of others. You can tell how valued your words are from your loyal following. We are with you through thick and thin.

    • Patricia – I often read blogs on my iPad while I sit by Tom. Often when he’s awake he’ll ask me to read aloud whatever it is I’m reading. Sometimes I’m reading a book, others a magazine but more often than not, I’m reading blogs via my iPad. I’ve read your blogs to Tom as we’ve traveled France together many times and have wonderful memories of each trip. Your blogs give us the opportunity to dream of the day when Tom will be strong once again and we’ll be able to travel as we once did, but until then, we have your travel blogs to read and those of others that allow our imagination to take flight. Thanks for being among that all important league. It’s critical for me to keep our spirits high as we face this holiday season and you and the entire blogging community enter our home and instantly we have a crowd of brilliant conversationalist at our sides.

  20. Good to see you Sheri. And sending you lots of good energy, Love & Light to help support you through these difficult times. Many Blessings to you!

    • Oh and it’s so good to see you also. As I mentioned to Patricia in my reply to her, I often read blogs to my husband, Tom. He likes for me to read to him and he loves to see photographs and other art since he’s an artist in many mediums himself. I never knew just how wonderful blogging could be in helping me with my husband. I try to spend the time that he’s awake sitting by his side so that means I also spend alot of time sitting there while he’s asleep. Having your blog and those of others helps keep my mind active thinking about other issues and other delights. Thanks for stopping in. I read the blogs on my iPad so don’t respond with a reply as often as I’d like to but I do try to get a ‘like’ posted as often as I can.

  21. atempleton says:

    Very kind thoughts. I’m grateful for this community of bloggers–this is where I feel I can truly be myself.

  22. Dear Sherri, do not worry about the blogosphere. We will be here when you have time. No point in putting more stress on yourself. I am more free than you but I couldn’t add what you are planning to in future. You have enough on your plate. Of course, I know, you LOVE blogging–as much as any of us as it may be your ‘time’ like the gardening you enjoy.

    I am an award free blog too because as much as I appreciate the thoughtfulness, I am too bogged down to carry out the proper instructions. Take care of yourself. Live long and well.

    • Tess – I simply wanted bloggers that follow me and that I follow back to know that I haven’t stopped reading them simply because I don’t comment as often as before because my husband requires so much care.
      You are correct, I love the blogging world. I’ve always wanted to speak freely about living a successful marriage with a partner that is bipolar and blogging is providing me a platform to tell that message without anyone else telling me to water it down, etc.

      • Relieves the load writing it out all down, doesn’t it, Sheri. Glad you found your way here.

        Everyday more subscribers come on board and I get on their bandwagon. After a while I get to know the new bloggers and we become friends with things in common. It’s hard to draw a line and it’s overwhelming keeping up. I’m retired without any responsibilities except my grandchildren and MY life so I spin the hamster wheel and am worn out I don’t know how you juggle it all. My heart goes out to you. 🙂

  23. Mae Clair says:

    What a lovely post and a great idea, Sheri. With all that you do with caregiving for Tom, it’s amazing you’re able to devote time to your blog. Your readers are richly rewarded by your kindness and indomitable spirit. I always enjoy reading your posts and it’s been such a pleasure getting to know you!

    • Mae, You’ve been with me from the beginning of my first blog. I have no idea how you came across my name but I’m so glad you did. I tell everyone you are the author to watch when it comes to social media. I have no idea how you manage to accomplish all that you do, carry on with a full time job and still publish successful novels. You are indeed a one woman ‘on fire after a dream’ that’s coming true with each page you write.
      I’ve entered your blog link under the blogs I follow. If I’ve botched the link I posted please don’t hesitate to let me know. Sheri

      • Mae Clair says:

        Wow, what an amazing endorsement! Thank you so much, Sheri. What I do pales in comparison to what you juggle on a daily basis, but I am so appreciative of your kind words and all the support you’ve shown me. Thanks for adding my blog link to your list and for your friendship 🙂

  24. Lignum Draco says:

    Being a full time care giver is difficult and involves a fair bit of self sacrifice. I hope you’re taking the time to look after yourself as well. I enjoy your writing.

    • Thank you for the reminder. I do a pretty good job of taking care of me. I’ve discovered a new form of entertainment and keeping my husband’s mind active in what’s happening in the photography world along with other mediums he works in. I think I may have mentioned to you he had a keen eye for photography before the trembling started in his hands. The trembling isn’t there all the time but he never knows when it’s going to hit.
      I normally sit by Tom’s side and read and when he wakes up he asks if I will read to him. He doesn’t care what I read from but the perfect medium I’ve found is blogs. He loves the photography blogs and of course he had to get up-close with my i-Pad to see the new camera you were writing about. I finally took the 17″ laptop into the bedroom so he can have a larger view when photos and other art work is a part of someone’s blog.

  25. gpcox says:

    You do not need to thank us. For someone so endearing and caring for other people – I Thank You!
    [ALL my best to Tom)

    • Thank you, GP. I’m spending much of my time at Tom’s bedside these days and reading blogs aloud to him. It’s become a nice way to keep his mind engaged and become involved in a variety of subjects. I will say that I have to have a 32 oz bottle of water reading your blog. Tom likes to stop and discuss whatever strikes him at the moment and darn it — his history knowledge is outstanding and as I’ve said before, the Korean War passed me by. I’m more than appreciative that you spend so much time researching every post.
      I’ll be at the VA Thu and hope to talk with the doc coordinating the veterans on what we are calling our ‘Out and About Veterans.’ I can pass along that each one of the veterans had a military family to spend Thanksgiving and even Friday if they (the Veteran) wanted to do so. I was thrilled we were able to pull that program together. Talk later, Sheri

      • gpcox says:

        I had every confidence in you to pull the program together. I’m thrilled to hear about the veterans on Thanksgiving – that is an oversight by many. Tom is often in my thoughts and please give him my best.

  26. Gallivanta says:

    What a lovely idea to have a special page where you acknowledge your followers.

  27. sue marquis bishop says:

    Sheri, after reading so many folks caring responses to you, it is clear you have touched many women as well as men this holiday season. I have been a mental health professional most of my career, (including grant review work at NIMH) so have a little understanding of challenges you face and are facing. I pray the new friends you have made on line give you as comfort as you do for them. Warm regards. Sue

    • Sue – I spent alot of time at NIH while I was attached to an investigative unit in DC. My offices and that of my staff were at the old Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
      As I’ve said before, my primary goal with my blog is to create enough information for someone to know if they have ‘what it takes’ to be the husband/wife of a partner with bipolar disorder. With the divorce rate at 90% the odds of success are high but I’m determined not to be a statistic in someone’s study.
      Of course I also like to write about what’s happening to our country’s ability to defend itself with the military drawdown, the difficulties we encounter in healthcare and last but certainly not least, my slices of life.

      • sue marquis bishop says:

        Sheri Worthy goals – all. You have a unique perspective and much to share. Keep writing Feel certain you will find a publisher for this contribution. Sue Womenlivinglifeafter50.com

        Sent from my iPhone


  28. ksbeth says:

    you are very welcome sheri, and it has been my pleasure to read and converse with you ) beth

  29. sue marquis bishop says:

    You have a big heart! Sue

  30. You are a real gift, Sheri. I enjoy your writing very much. Big hugs.

    • Stephanie, It’s been too long since I’ve stopped and read with you. You have just moved to the top of my list of blog reads. I often read several blogs of a ‘blog author’ at one time as it saves movement of my right fingers. However, that’s no excuse for not reading. I’ve learned a real lesson in how not to become lost in my own blog. Thank you for your comment.

  31. Agree with Patti, Sheri … you are wonderful to try to keep up with so many considering all that is on your plate. Have a safe and healthy Holiday weekend. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time 🙂

  32. Good to see you, Sheri. That was a very sweet acknowledgment. Take care of you, you’ve got your hands full taking care of your husband. Love, Paulette p.s. nice roses in your garden.

  33. Elaine says:

    I cannot add a single new word to what others have said already Sheri. I enjoy your blog and love it when you have the time to post on mine. You are a blessing. Glad you are part of our blogging family! just relax and read as you can. It does get overwhelming at times. I know I am very far behind on reading! I have a few awards also that I have never had the time to post on my blog and I feel guilty about it. I believe I am going to make mine an award free site. I love the comments–they bless my heart. I don’t need anything else. 🙂

  34. Kim13 says:

    Love this post. It’s been little over a month since I began blogging, but I’ve learned so much, and feel I have a whole new “family”…I’ve been so blessed by this. I love your blog..I think you are amazing.

    • Kim, Your blog has that fresh strong voice I love to read. Keep up the great work. When a blogger posts each day of the week, I do good to hit one post during that week, but sometimes do better. Like you, when I starated blogging, I felt I had finally found a place to call home.

      • Kim13 says:

        Thank you…that is a wonderful compliment. I was just having a discussion with someone about clicking “like” on a blog post we might not have read, but I follow so many people, it would be hard to read them all, and sometimes a “like” is all I can manage, but feel it encourages them to keep going! I am so glad I started this. I have not felt any real excitement or fulfillment in much of my life lately, this has changed that for me.

  35. Sheri, you are a wonderful blogger, but more than that a wonderful person! I look forward to reading more of your blog and enjoying every word. . .you just keep on doing what you do and know that I am thinking of you.

    Be blessed/be a blessing,

  36. I enjoy reading your blog, and keep up the fine writing…

  37. Life is WAY too busy, Sheri, and what with you taking care of Tom, I’m surprised you have time to read anything. Have a wonderful holiday with your love bug and try to rest and read. I’ll always read your blog posts.

    • Patti – You and Florence have been with me from the beginning. I don’t believe either of you have missed a single blog. You both have supported me through both the good times and then times when cloudy days hoover far longer than I wanted. You’ll find you are listed in the first ten links I posted. The spacing is weird to allow me to add additional names – so please stick with me while my ‘page’ is under construction.

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