The Day I Ate The M&Ms
Slice of Life
  By – Sheri de Grom

I must have hit myself over the head with my stupid stick. I love fresh vegetables of all kinds. Forget the fancy dips and dressings, I’m fine with oil and vinegar or nothing at all. Just give me the crunch.

But I haven’t been myself lately. Truth be told, I’ve been perilously close to the edge. But is that an excuse to take a flying leap into the nutritional abyss?

After all, I had a legitimate excuse for buying the freshly cut deli tray (the extra-large one) and adding some additional choices. My hand won’t hold up to cleaning all those vegetables.

I wanted a new tray of veggies at the market today but I couldn’t justify spending fourteen dollars when I’m the only one eating from the tray and I’d only be enjoying the contents for two days. (I had a pending medical procedure that required a 48 hour fast, so I’d end up throwing away at least two-thirds of the vegetables.) At the time, a bag of M&Ms seemed a reasonable alternative. After all, M&Ms last indefinitely . . . if I could them alone.

Is my thinking flawed or what?

To compound my faulty rationale as to why I should be allowed a bag of M&Ms, I suppose I should mention I’m a diabetic. M&Ms are not on the diabetic food exchange list.

In my mid-thirties I went through my adolescence and, during that time, I did reason that one fruit equaled one shot of Jack Daniel’s. Therefore, all those fresh vegetables should equal a regular serving of M&Ms now.

I hadn’t had an M&M since 1989 but before that I always kept a two-pound bag in my office desk drawer. Once I quit M&Ms cold, I never had another and never had a desire for another—until today.

The M&Ms comforted me during a scary time in my life, but I was able to turn my back on them and declare my independence.

Today, I ate the M&Ms. Fortunately, they weren’t good so I’m not worried about buying more. Life is too valuable to throw it away on candy when all along I wanted those fresh vegetables.

I’ve had to face the realities of life again and again. I know the M&Ms today weren’t about M&Ms at all. The little brown bag today represented my current vulnerability. In case you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t do vulnerable well. I prefer reality. But lately I’ve been facing far too many unknowns.

I’ve read your comments to my blog of August 8, 2013 and your out-pouring of prayers, love and best wishes have touched my heart. Here we are, a community of strangers who not only support each other in times of great joy, but also when serious challenges come knocking at our doors. I so appreciate each and every one of you.

Thank you.  

Sheri's Garden

Sheri’s Garden


About Sheri de Grom

Retired Fed/JAG, 5 yrs. on Capitol Hill. Former book buyer for B and N. Concerned citizen of military drawdown. Currently involved in mental healthcare reform, health care strategist and actively pursuing legislative change wherein dual retirees are exempt from enrolling in Medicare at their own discretion without losing tertiary healthcare benefits. Monitor and comment on Federal Register proposed legislation involving Mental Health, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, Medicare and rural libraries. Licensed OSHA Inspector to include Super Fund sites. Full time caregive to Vietnam era veteran. Conceptualized, investigated possible alternatives, authored, lobbied for, and successfully implemented Title X, Section 1095 (known as the Third Party Collection Program of Federal Insurance).
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96 Responses to THE DAY I ATE THE M & Ms

  1. Dela says:

    If there’s anything that keeps me coming to your blog, it’s the honesty.

  2. Patrice says:

    Do you mean I shouldn’t have them at my 4:00 p.m. hunger munch? Actually I have a bag of chipits on hand for that needed ‘Sweet’ time. A handful suffices sometimes… This week it is white chocolate chips mixed with skor pieces. Beats a carrot every time 😀

  3. Oh no! You mean to tell me M & M’s aren’t a food group! I guess it’s safe to assume kit kats aren’t either. Good for you opting to eat the vegetables even without dressing. I’m going back to read the 8th.

    • Sadly, M&Ms never made it on -to the diabetic food exchange list!

      • I know it didn’t. I was on steroids for 3 years and I ate sugar and salt like it was going to become extinct. The doctors were afraid I was going to be a diabetic. I didn’t but I gained way too much weight and three years later I’m still trying to lose it. With my health issues I can’t eat certain food or try some of the fad diets.

        • I have great compassion for anyone on steroids – and three years must have been intollerable. Food is not safe around me when I’m on sterroids. I lose all sense of control and rational. I haven’t followed a fad diet in many years, since I was diaagnosed as diabetic. Since that time, I’ve taken it as 1 day at a time and written down everything I eat that goes into my food planner. I do 1200 calories per day and 12 carbs. That’s allowed me to take off the terrible 116 pound gain and keep it off. I found out that counting carba wose much easier than counting calories.

  4. Jane Sadek says:

    Missed this with all I’ve got going on. Food is one of my favorite coping devices. I admire your self control. It’s a good thing I’m not diabetic or I’d be the one in the hospital.

    • Jane – There’s been a few narrow misses with M&Ms in the past few weeks. That old emotional eating wants to ignore the fact that I don’t even like M&Ms any longer. It’s always comes on when I’m the most vulnerable. I’ve always loved finger foods and tell me, raw vegetables certainly qualify. I keep my diabetic numbers low on purpose so ocassionally, if I want, I can have a special treat and if I don’t go for an overkill, it doesn’t bother my blood sugar. When you are writing about foods with sauces and wines and fab deserts on your travel blog and show us pictures — well that’s when my mouth starts watering. I’ve stayed off insulin with diet and exercise and I want to stay that way!

  5. treyzguy says:

    I am also a recovering m&m addict

  6. gpcox says:

    So sorry to hear about your problems, but thrilled to hear from you. I must stress how much I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to catch up on my site. You sure did a lot of reading, thank you and hope you enjoyed it.

    • You bet I did a lot of reading but the info was presented so precisely and organized in such a way that it seemed more like entertainment. My husband was having an especially restless night and my ball of fluff shih tzu thought she had to be held — so to solve both situations – I took the laptop into the bedroom and read to both. My husband loves history and as a retired military man, he’s complimentary with your factual presentation made interesting for the lay person like me. This morning when he was finally up for a few moments he asked me to pull up your site on his computer — he wanted to see the pictures on ‘the big screen’ – he has one of those 42″ monitors he uses for design work.

      And, look out, I have a post coming titled What Was The Pentagon Thinking – Same Sex Marriage? How can I be still? Thanks for dropping by.

  7. The grandmother of my son nearly died into my arms a few months ago…she’s diabetic too…but it happened that her glucosium went down so much that she lost her senses…she was sitting at the table, trying to have her lunch…and we’ve noticed she could not even answer anymore…I’ve tried to keep her up, while the ambulance was’s incredible what the glucosium value can do…in her case, the M&Ms are completely out of question..and she doesn’t even know what they mean….But the diabetic problems came in spite of her lifelong mediterranean diet and healthy lifestyle…
    Wish you all the best, Luana

    • Yes, glucose monitoring is a must for every diabetic. I keep my level on a relatively low side but yet healthy. I must admit I know that awful feeling of knowing you’ve gone to low, it’s terrifying and when that hits, you feel the blackness coming on. I keep a tube of glucose at my side at all time just in case I run into such a problem. It’s awful that she has diabetes in spite of her lifelong mediterranean diet and the healthy lifestyle. My husband is diabetic as a result of a medication he took for several years. The medication is now off the market but it’s too late for him and thousands of others. He was just retiring from the military when he was diagnosed and was in good shape. My diabetes is genetic. However, I waffled a lot with excercise and eating right over the years until a few years ago and really became serious about the entire situation. Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment.

      • It is a real problem…I can feel it and see it at home..I am really sorry to hear from you all this..a few weeks ago I was arguing with a friend regarding this facts…telling her that fighting against diabet (or even smaller problems) is much more complexe than fighting against Hyperhidrosis for example (she has HH)…that comparing the HH to diabet or other disfunctions is absolutely ridiculuos…She didn’t understand…Hopefully she will never get into it, so to be obliged to understand what a serious health problem means…

        Wish you all the best.
        Sincerly, Luana

  8. cindy knoke says:

    Such impressive introspection and self knowledge Sheri! Bravo~

    • Cindy – Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I have another M and M post coming in the future. I know they are an emotional crutch when I’m vulnerable and having moved into my caregiving role for my husband and my own issues – it would be so easy to fall into that category again – but I won’t.

      Your photography is stunning and I especially enjoy the bits of information you provide. I laughed about the ice plant. When I lived in Monterey I used to pull garden bag after garden bag to be picked up by the trash men. If we want it here – we have to pay for it. Wow – how things change when we aren’t looking. Have a blessed day.

  9. likeitiz says:

    I don’t know about the M&Ms and your bolo glucose levels but hey! What the heck! With all that’s going on with you right now, and your husband being ill to boot, it ” may not amount to a hill of beans” in the grand scheme of things.

    P.S. you didn’t down the entire big bag in one sitting, right?

    Sending you good thoughts during your procedure. We hope to hear from you soon. It means you’re feeling better.

    • Thanks for making me smile. I’m really very strict about monitoring my glucose levels and come closer to being low vs high so really wasn’t afraid there. And yes, I did eat the entire single serving in one sitting plus I ate them in the car on my way home from the store–so not cool. What I did learn is just how vulnerable I’d become and recognized I had to face that due to the gruling months of treatment and physical therapy ahead of me (and I won’t be compensating with m&ms). Thanks so much for checking in and reading with me. I so appreciate everyones support. My heart is warmed and you provide me courage.

  10. Sheryl says:

    My thoughts are with you. I hope that the medical procedure goes well and that you’re feeling much better very, very soon.

    • Sheryl – Thanks so much for dropping in. I’m trying to read as many blogs as possible and comment as often as my hands will allow. You are doing such a great job in conveying your grandmother’s diary. It makes for a great read. Until I’m back full time, I normally group read several blogs at a time as it saves on the amount I have to move my right hand and arm. Know that I enjoy reading your blog and your comments equally.

  11. I pray that you stay healthy and joyful. Smile every chance you get.and let happiness walk through your mind with its merry feet.

  12. Kavita Joshi says:

    you poor thing…hope you feel better my friend…and also I used to be pure vegeterian but as part of my bucket list is to try 10 diff cousines so I turned into non-vegeterian but I still prefer fruits and veggies I must say 🙂

    • Hello Kavita – Thank you for dropping by and commenting. I felt so darn vulnerable in that vegetable aile. Here I am a grown women with a successful career behind me and I was weighing the pros and cons of a vegetable tray. Those days should be long behind me. I hope you blog about your transformation from being vegeterian to non-vegeterian. Giving up red meat wasn’t hard for me as I’d never liked it that much but, I’d grown up on a cattle ranch and it was on the table 3 times a day. Later in life, I couldn’t digest any meat, so it seemed a natural to give all meats up. I can’t claim to being a tried a true vegeterian for any altrustic standards. Sheri

  13. Joel says:

    Well now, I see I’m going to have to keep a closer watch on you, Sheri. I managed to miss your August 8 post. Take care of yourself. You are in my prayers, lady.

  14. I think this is all very good when you eat vegetables, because I’m sure that a lot of the content of the vegetable substances which are very good for health. and when I had to choose to eat vegetables or meat course I choose vegetables or fruits, in fact I have a strong belief that if we are going to eat meat is not good for the body and cause various diseases. This became just what my beliefs over the years.

  15. Yikes, my friend. I’m so sorry to hear you are having issues. My niece developed diabetes so suddenly and so severely they opted to get her a pump. At first, I was all about sugar free items for her. But in her case, it’s counting carbs to protein. I think the main thing, is that you had a treat and then got over it. Be well!

    • Hi Renee – Thanks for stopping by. Yep, my diabetes isn’t my big problem. I’ve had it under control for years. Even eating the small bag of M&Ms didn’t send my blood sugar up. Like your niece, I count carbs and protein. I have to work hard to get in the protein I’m supposed to have. My main issue right now is learning how to live with a much higher level of chronic pain that will never go away plus being a full time caregiver for my husband. I’ll get it all sorted out one of these days. I’ll be dropping by your blog and catching up. I’m just not at the pace I was for a long while. It’s nice seeing you here.

  16. Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling a bit down and out lately. The kicks in the shins life sometimes hands us can feel like body blows, can’t they? Hoping your procedure went well and that you’re on your way to recovery. Sorry I haven’t been around lately.

    • Hi Kitt – Nice to see you. We all get bogged down sooner or later it seems. I simply wasn’t ready for a double whammy this time. I do hope life is going well for you. I don’t think you are showing up in my reader again. I’ll have to take a look and fix that. Thanks for stopping by. BTW – I like the blue mask. That is you under there isn’t it?

  17. Ajaytao2010 says:

    I Nominate you for a Super Bunch of Awards – 30 Nominations
    please choose any 34 awards out of the 30
    accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award

  18. Sheri, I identified with the M&Ms choice. Sometimes I want to scream at the growing number of restrictions I face as i age. When life becomes more DON’Ts than DOs, I just want to rebel from time to time. I ALWAYS return to my senses, and the excursions into the DON’Ts haven’t done any lasting damage. Just so i don’t STAY rebellious beyond the tipping point . . .

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, John. I don’t like to call the M&Ms a crutch but the day I ate them, it sure felt that way. Sometimes I get all ‘smart with myself’ as my grandmother used to say when I’d end up somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be.

  19. Denise Hisey says:

    A bump in the road, Sheri. Taking care of our health is a chore; nay a full time job sometimes.
    Hang in there!!

  20. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing says:

    Reblogged this on lost creek publishing and commented:
    Loved this: “I must have hit myself over the head with my stupid stick!”
    I have heard of being beat with an ugly stick, but a stupid stick is a new one on me!

  21. Joe says:

    Sheri I thought one fruit equaled 2 shots of Jack Daniel’s ? Very cool blog.

  22. That’s hilarious ! I’m definitely an M&M fan! Hope you’re feeling well these days and your sweet husband ~ Loved your post!

    • Hi Deborah – I decided if I was going to talk about the tough days, I might as well tell the truth about how I manage them from time to time. Thus far, I’ve been M&M free since the last eposode. Popcorn is another real obsession of mine. I recently discovered the brand of ‘Skinny Pop Popcorn.’ It has 39 calories per cup, zero trans fat, no cholesterol and all natural.The ingredients are all natural popcorn, sunflower oil and salt. That’s all, nothing more. Sure, I could make my own … but being hot is not a criteria is not a criteria for popcorn. I’ve been buying the large bags but Amazon has them available on 100 calorie boxex ready to ship. That’s what I shold be butyin. I’d have greter controll.

      • You’re a fine writer and it’s wonderful getting to the kernel of your life since that’s how we learn best! I love popcorn as well ~c eat it anymore but, I love the delicious warm caressing aroma! Stay well dear. God keep you, Debbie xo

  23. Terry says:

    sometimes when I am going through “stuff” I don’t want to eat at all, and other times I would be that M & M woman. I do cheat and I am a diabetic. I have problems with my feet and have had for a few years. I can’t stand too long or walk too much without burning fire and pain. But yet I need to feel the comfort of food sometimes. I am like you though. When I eat sweets it doesn’t taste near as good as my mouth was watering and dreaming. I am too used to not having sweets. A lot of times the remedy for me is like today at the grocery store. Oh boy, I wanted a doughnut so bad. I could taste it before I actually picked it up and put it in the small see-through bag. Once in the car I took it out and licked my lips. Taking one bite, it tasted too sweet. My next step is what I have taught myself to do in order to crave the sweets. One bite and then in the trash can. I had the sweet and didn’t ruin my numbers……….Sorry I went on and on. I just understand what your post is about

    • Terry – You are definitely allowed to go on and on. I do the same on some of your posts. I know what you mean about keeping your numbers good . . . mine are excellent to include an A1c of 5.4 with no insulin and only metformin twice a day. I’ll be the first to admit the stress of juggling Tom’s care and then having to follow my own doctor’s orders can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Thanks for stopping in to read and chat with me.

  24. Prayers, hugs and love my friend….M & M’s be darned you will be ready for this procedure and come out wonderful, for we must have Ms. Sheri to read and support as she does for each of us!

    • Good morning, Len. I hope this note finds you well. Thanks for stopping by and visiting a bit before I have to get on with my day. Your caring and support mean so much to me during this difficult time.

  25. I understand about the M&M’s. Stay strong and wishing you the best of health. I really enjoyed this post. Well written, hitting on a lot of topics. Take care!!!

    • Holly – I so enjoyed your post yesterday. You gave me strength and courage to carry me on and do the things I really needed to focus on in the moment. I often miss posts in trying to read and comment at a minimum of at lest 100 a day – but yours was top notch for me yesterday. I’m convinced God’s hand directed me to press the button that brought me to your most valuable uplifting wisdom. Thanks for reading and chatting with me.

  26. NotDownOrOut says:

    After surgery I had this craving for a soda. It had to be a Dr. Pepper. As soon as I could drive I drove to an Arby’s and got one full of ice. It was in the trash before I returned to the road. It didn’t taste the same after the “hospital experience.” I turned to comfort food during treatment and now have pudding and macaroni and cheese I cannot bear to eat. It’s not good for me and it’s no longer really comforting. I think the real difference is how life manages to “up the ante.” It would take stronger and stronger stuff to quell the nerves. I like the idea of an alcohol for vegetables exchange, but cannot say I have had a taste for the stuff for many years. Now I find comfort in things like my quilt, a fan beside an open window, a shower set to stinging speed, or a “good read.” But I wouldn’t kick myself too hard if a bag of M&M’s called out to me. I still need a couple of vices! I hope the procedure goes well.

  27. Arlene says:

    Thinking of you and wishing you so much wellness!!!

    • Sheryl – What a dear friend you are. You are so right about nothing tasting right after surgeries. I’ve been eating raw vegetables like crazy – almost like I can’t get enough of them – and then for dinner I always want a whole plate full of steamed vegetables with about a 1/2 c of whole wheat pasta mixed in. My poor Tom thinks I’ve gone a bit off my rockers. But, it really is the only thing that tates good right now. I didn’t beat myself up about the M&M’s – actually the experience gave me the opportunity to analyze why I bought them in the first place. I’m with you on nothing beats a quilt and a good book to take the place of those ‘feel good factors.’ I still wish I were close so I could help you finish unpacking and get settled in.

  28. M&M’s = comfort…and we all need that once in awhile. Indulge. Sending Love & Light your way! Blessings!

    • MarDrag – Thank you so much for reading with me. I use to go to my gardens seeking peace and comfort but working in the gardens is a limited experience for now. I know I used the darn M&Ms as a substitute for smothering all types of pain but it didn’t work and they made me feel awful, physical. I no longer drink alcoholic beverages so it was back to reality to find good wholesome return to reality for me. Thank you for stopping by.

      • Ahhh, so sorry Sheri! have you ever tried acupuncture for pain relief? I have had great success with it, and it also helps to calm and balance the mind and spirit. If M&M’s don’t work…perhaps that will? Just a thought.

        Sending you all kinds of good energy, Love & Light!

        • MarDrag – I haven’t tried acupuncture yet. However, it’s definitely on my list of alternative avenues to pursue. I love the idea that my neurologist is open to discussion of alternative medicine. The only thing he asks of me is that he be allowed to ask among his peers for recommendations for an excellent provider. I respect my doctor for wanting the best care for me.

          • Oh, that is wonderful, indeed, that you have a doctor open to alternatives. If you trust and respect him, then surely he will have a good acupuncturist to recommend. I hope you try it. It is wonderful! And so helpful and healing. Best of wishes and Blessings to you!

  29. findingmyinnercourage says:

    Bet you can’t eat just one! hehe

    Knocking at your door with an abundance of prayers and support! Have the faith!

    • You are so right – nothing short of a handfull at a time will do. Thankfully I only bought the small regular size bag. I always think of that old advertisement of ‘they melt in your mouth and not in your hand.’ I’m back on track and the M&M’s didn’t mess with my diabetes – I keep a tight reign on the diabetes I don’t want to become dependent on insulin and so far, I haven’t had to face that experience. Thanks for stopping by to read and chat with me today.

      • findingmyinnercourage says:

        So glad you are on top of your diabetes! I know so many people who are on the verge of having to take insulin and they choose not to eat right and end up on insulin and it doesn’t even phase them! I love chatting wit you! Shipping out my first “D” package tomorrow!

  30. sfreydont says:

    Sometimes you need a little M and Ms to remind you how good the vegetables are.

    • Hello Shelly – Oh, yes. I was pleasantly surprised last night when a head of caulflower with abolutely nothing added to it but perfectly steamed tasted last night for dinner – along with other vegetables of course.

  31. atempleton says:

    Now and then everyone needs to eat a bag of M&Ms. (To make you possibly feel better, I once ate a large portion of one those slice and bake cookie dough logs–unbaked!) I do like to think we’re a community, and I hope will can send positive energy your way.

    • Oh dear, a slice and bake cookie dough log – those can indeed be lovely. Of course they can make one incredibly sick. As a kid, one of all time favorite treats was licking the remains of the raw cookie dough from my mother’s mixing dish after she’d placed all the chocolate chip cookies in the oven to bake. There’s something about that dough that won’t let you stop eating. I do my best to look the other way when I’m in the section of the grocery store. Thank you for reading with me today and best of all for chatting with a blogging friend. It’s wonderful to slip out of my reality for a few moments and ‘talk’ with my precious and loyal blogging friends. Thank you.

  32. Peace, comfort, healing, we take it in whatever form it comes. My new go to is Pop Crunch, so I understand your moment of weakness with the candy. Hope you are having a good day.

    • Thus far the day is going fine. I’m discovering I don’t accompish as much in a day as I used to but I’m learning to accept that what I accomplish is good for that particular day. I’ve started putting together a playlist from some of the songs you recommend and that’s been a fun activity. Hope youo have a good week and I’ll be looking for more great music and your photographs.

      • It’s muddy and on the verge of raining again, but I’m going to stay on the concrete and see what I can photograph. The music lists are so much fun and I try and not overdo with the commentary, I just felt moved last night to chime in. I’m pleased that you have heard songs here that you want to hear again.

        • Always – I love music in many forms. The comments you add only makes me want to hear some of the new voices I might not listen to otherwise add to the flavor of your blog. Without the commentary I might not listen to the music.

          Your photography is fresh and inviting. I often feel as though I can step into the picture and become one with nature.

  33. words4jp says:

    M&M’s can lift ones spirit. More so than a carrot. It is okay to indulge – your WP friends are thinking about you. xx

  34. Mae Clair says:

    Don’t beat yourself up about that little brown bag of M&Ms — either as a temporary crutch or a candy fix. We all have moments when we needed to embrace vulnerability and you’re certainly entitled to a few with all you’ve been juggling. I’m glad to hear you have so much support from the blogging community. And why is that? 🙂 Because you bring such joy to our lives too, Sheri, with your kindness and support. You’ve touched a lot of lives.

    Wishing you the very best, my friend!

    • Mae – Thank you so much. All the messages I’m reading this morning are fortifying me to go battle for care for Tom that would give me some in home respite care. You’ve been through those tough decisions before and know the difficulty that goes along with them. I hadn’t laughed as much as I did in a very long time when I read your guest post with your Tortellini Salad. Indeed, a woman after my own heart. Tom’s always done all the cooking or we ate out a lot, now I’m the chief cook and bottle washer as my dad used to say. Have a great day, my friend. One of the college students I mentor is back now for her senior year and the first thing I loaded to her kindle was of course your new novel!

  35. Another incredible post!! I love your self-analysis here. We have all done similar things. I once had a therapist tell me that adults, especially, will crave what is toxic during times of stress and as you write, vulnerability. For me, it is wheat, gluten and Diet Coke. I can’t get enough when I am stressed.

    I feel for you and all that you are going through. The fact you were wanting to get M and M’s in the first place shows you how stressed you truly are. Please take care of yourself and eat your veggies! 🙂

    • Kimberly – Veggies indeed. I made a run to the farmer’s market yesterday and loaded up on both fresh vegetables and fruit. I learned to give up all white wheat years ago and have come to love whole wheat so that’s never been a problem.

      This business of being vulnerable is so new to me. It seems to be that a woman with a successful carrer behind her and then another one that required an additional 20 years of intense detailed forensic eveluation, I’d walked past the M&M’s with no problem. No such luck.

      Thankfully, I didn’t mess up my blood sugar numbers (I’m vigilant about taking care of them). I don’t want to become dependent on insulin and so far I haven’t.

      Diet Coke has been a main stay with me for years. I’m down to a 18 oz bottle a day and then one of those tiny bottles per day. After that – it has to be water or tea (gurr). But, coming from a 12 large 18 oz bottles a day, I think that’s a pretty darn good track record.

      Thank you so much for reading with me today and for leaving comments. It means a lot to me right now.

      • I so appreciate your comment back. I can resonate with what you say about being a strong, capable woman through training, career, and education. So being vulnerable comes almost as a surprise. I think you really hit on something for me here with those words. I am not sure exactly what it means for my own life, but your insight causes me to think, so thank you!

  36. Should have bought peanut M&Ms. Everyone knows peanuts are good for you. lol. As a fellow diabetic, I can understand.

    • Hello David – I was sure those M&M’s were going to make some of my stress go away, but no such luck. I had the same stress after I’d eaten all of them. At least I didn’t do damage to my numbers and am going strong on that front. Thanks for stopping to read with me.

  37. And here I am on vacation and able to read your lovely post, Sheri. Once I saw the M&M title, I knew I had to dive right in. I was anticipating you telling us that you ate the entire bag and were so sick that you couldn’t have your medical procedure done! I’m glad that wasn’t so. It DOES seem that you’re having to deal with WAY too much reality these days and yes, all of us who read your blog are here to encourage you and lift you up and hopefully make you laugh at times. I’m thinking of you and will post pictures of this beautiful little place called Monte Rio, California (near Guerneville) when I can. I bet you’re familiar with it anyway, having lived in California for many years.

    • Hi Patti, You are such a dear for checking in while you are on vacation. I always count you among my best of blogging friends. We’ve been together from the time that I started blogging and I don’t think you’ve ever missed a single post of mine. Good for you and your family that you are on vacation and yes, the Monte Rio area of California is absolutely the perfect place to go for peace, soltitute and to recharge your batteries. Please have a wonderful time and wish upon a lot of rainbows. The last time we were there, we had a lot of rainbows to go along with abundant visits for a variety of wildlife. I do hope the natural habitat hasn’t been destryed. Thank you for stopping in my friend.

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