1. prayingforoneday says:

    The USA has let slip BADLY on all areas, and Money was why.
    Opening the Federal Reserve was just madness, China are buying US Soil.
    You Guys are the new Roman Empire. I am From Scotland but I keep a firm eye on world affairs an am also a great friend with Sheri who I admire soo much.

    I would like to share some blogs with you all (Sheri’s friends) that I have done, and if you want to discuss, please do.







    I could share 100 more. I live the American people, but your Government has given you the Illusion of Red V Blue. You are all lied to all the time. Many are waking up. This blog here disturbs me most:


    I love you guys in the states, but MORE of you must wake up, the 2nd Amendment is there, why do you not use it? Here in the UK we would be on the streets already 😦

    Bloggers for Peace..
    More Love, Less Hate..


    • Shaun – Many of us in the United States are aware of much that is wrong with the political governerance of our country. However, we, for the most part are not radicals and prefer to settle our differences as peaceful as possible. IMO, our greatest mistake has been to enter into every conflict outside our borders wherein we’ve drained our monetary reserves and have left nothing for taking care of our less fortunate citizens and rebuilding our infra-structure.

      Big business is indeed greedy and I could write well over a dozen blogs and what chemical companies have done to the agra business in our country. It is nothing less than criminal. I grew up on a working ranch wherein we raised the feed to feed the cattle. Chemicals did not go into the meat sold by my father. Everything was done on the land and it was a huge operation. That is no longer possible because the big chemical companies have been allowed to run afoul of the law.

      Having lived and worked in 18 other countries myself, I still believe I live in the best country on planet earth. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      I watch with horror as the people of other countries take to the streets and destroy each other and the buildings that may never be repaired. I hope that civil war never comes to the United States but it might. I thank you for your interest in the United States and I’ll keep blogging about what I believe needs to come to the light of day – but I’m not ready to give up the fight.

      Thank you for being my friend, Sheri

      • prayingforoneday says:

        Well said and never give up the fight. I love people have passion for their country,,In the UK we went out and destroyed banks and said no. This is our way. Peaceful is not a word we can use for your Government however. From reading your blogs I know for 100% you have woken up to “What is coming” The 2nd is there, You guys can take it back,Sadly you would all be shot if you tried..just my opinion x And friendship good

  2. Hitting the “like” button on this post was my vote for you having the courage to put this information out there … where it should be! I always admire the intelligent and informed posts you share about such vital matters. The military deserves support and respect at every level and every stage of service. It’s a sad world at times …

  3. Deborah – Yes, you are so right. In my opinion, it’s so wrong to allow that to happen.

  4. Naturally if we weaken our defense, we become the sieged.

  5. Denise Hisey says:

    It’s dismaying the waste going on during this challenging time of our country.
    For example, why is it okay for the President and his family to spend $100 million for a trip to Africa when our military is experiencing these deep cuts in the budget? The waste goes on at state and federal levels and it’s shameful.

    • Denise – IMO it’s not okay for the President and his family to go to Africa or any place else for that matter. As long as the tax payer must provide protection, until we no longer have a deficit, the only time it is okay for the President to travel is on official government business. That may sound a bit harsh but my guess is less than 10% of all American families were able to take any type of vacation within the last five years, let alone a luxury vacation abroad. The President is literally borrowing from China to take himself and his family on vacation. There’s something morally wrong with that equation.

  6. I agree with you. I am curious however, where exactly is all this money going? I would hope the allocations serve the purpose intended. Are we too absorbed in our projects off US soil leaving our backdoors wide open? Additionally, is some of this propaganda? I enjoy your posts they encourage us to think. I hope someone gets wise soon.

    • You ask a great question about where is our money is going. Needless to say, I don’t/can’t follow every avenue or even 1/1,000. I do know we have billions out of the defense allocation going to the contractor that isn’t doing their job to operate the burn pits properly that I talked about in last weeks blog. We also have billions going to physicians and hospitals that fraudualently bill for medicare and medicaid. A former US Senator in the state I currently live in is collecting subsidies to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in farm subsidies and he’s already a millionaire. At the same time, farms in my home state of Kansas are being foreclosed upon and then being bought up by Chinese conglomerates. Health care for military families was contracted out to a company that was under federal investication for multiple felony counts. We’ve contracted out our government and there’s no one accountable. Occassionally we’ll see a head roll on the national news but by then the damage has already been done.

  7. National defense is one of the few duties given our federal government by the constitution. Trashing our defense in order to spend more on welfare – or whatever they spend it on – is a treasonable offense in my opinion.

  8. Sheri, I wish there was something up-lifting I could say.It’s the devil and the deep … to have a viable armed force we need to spend billions. To save billions we short change our servicemen.

    Isn’t this a terrible situation tht we have gotten to the point in this country that billions are needed to keep a viable armed force. An amount that might be double of what is needed for our mediocre education system. Darn that smacks me as so wrong.

    I’d say to screw the budget, but since we are hell bent on sending our servicemen all over the globe like international cops, cutting back is not hurting the powers-that-be … it’s hurting the men and women who are put in harm’s way.

    • Florence – You are correct in there’s not a bright-star in this entire mess. Our soldiers and their families are suffering from the sequestor and the mess congress has made of things. Even if the money weren’t used for defense, education wouldn’t see it. The Dept. of Education has been cut just as severely. It’s just that’s not the battle I picked to advocate for. What’s education if we can’t defend ourselves. Medical grants have been slashed by 2/3. Family farms are being sold to Chinese congomerates and citizens wonder why we can no longer afford to buy food. The cost of pharmaceuticals are higher than in any other country. Only in the United States does the individual pay for the price of the development of the medication – it’s figured into the cost of the medication when it’s approved by the FDA. Thankfully we have good insurance (at the cost of almost $2,000/month) but I picked up 4 new medications for Tom on Thu and if I’d had to pay out of pocket, they would have been a little over $9,000! Something seems terribly wrong with this picture. It really is a frightening situation all around. Our troops who will be seperated from the military will not have the opportunity for medical care that Tom has – not unless their wife has a solid federal career. You know the story about that. The enlisted troops who will find themselves caught up in the military downsizing will be seperated from service with no medical benefits and no seperation pay. Most of them have families to support.

      • Sheri, which ever way we look at the current state of government, we are in a serious mess. One might ask if our billions are not being used properly for defense, education, and health care … if congress is allowed to “borrow” from social security but they are the only government employees guaranteed a separate type of pension. If, if and what if???

        Since we outsourced jobs, cut spending, and slashed programs … since the jobs this and two other administratins have promised the blue collar unemployed have not materialized … does anyone out there in the heartland ever ask where the hell all the money went???

        And unemployed service men and women are not the only ones that have families to support. I love this country but have to accept that my government has failed us and since the last revolution (1960’s) will not be repeated … who is making those bas%%rds accountable ??

        • Florence – You might be amazed about how people in the heartland actually feel. For years, when I went home to visit my father in Kansas, he joined with a dozen of his high school graduating class mates, all widowed men for breakfast at 5:00 a.m. They called themselves the dirty dozen and took care of ‘business’ there own way when the ‘law’ couldn’t seem to resolve things to their satisfaction. All of the men were in their 80s and still actively ranching/farming and carrying rifles (loaded) on racks in their trucks. These men didn’t need Washington to tell them how to plant their crops and none of them took subsidies. They also called the Dept. of Agriculture the Last Great Plantation. Dad would call me in DC when the government would close for a snow and ice day and he’d want phone numbers for some of the guys at ag so he could call them and invite them out to help feed the cows. Of course the cattle still had to eat even though in Kansas Dad had months of snow and ice. He had to break the ice at the pounds so they could drink everyday while the white shirts were collecting the big checks. You mention the revolution of the 60s will not be repeated – I don’t think we can predict that. I firmly believe we’ll have a civil war within our country. I don’t believe it will be within our life time but it will happen within the next 50 years. Social Security will run out and now Congress has passed the bill to borrow from Civil Service Retirement – that’s the last retirement pool left that has a bit of money left. Is it any wonder I have insomnia?

  9. Jane Sadek says:

    Hard to hit the “like” button on sad news like this, but I appreciate you sharing it with us.

    • Jane – I often ponder over a ‘like’ button as I read many ‘tough’ posts and then I consider the research and the heart ache the individual put into the blog and how well written something is and set aside what I think about the subject matter and decide on the ‘like’ on the merit of how well the issue is presented.

      I’m so concerned about the downsizing of our military. I want everyone in Afghanistan to come home and I don’t want troops deployed to Syria, Africa or any other place that we have no business being. I do want the troops to be ready to defend our home front. If we don’t have a strong military, we’ll not have a strong nation. Without the training they need and the equipment and protocal, well we might as well fold our hands and surrender to being a second rate military power.

  10. Another eye-opening post for me, Sheri. Now I’m going over to read the link about the protective underwear. There is SO much that laypeople like me don’t know. Good Lord.

    • Patti – I promised myself I was going to write about training flop eared rabbits for me and for you today — but then I became so wrapped up in what’s happening to the continuing downsizing of our military and well — you know me — I was off and running. The protective underwear is something we should have had for our troops from the beginning along with deploying them with protective vest and specialized head-gear. And, the downsizing of our military is one of my platforms.

  11. Terry says:

    is it ever going to get better………

  12. NotDownOrOut says:

    Excellent points made here! Why do we accept that “fiscal responsibility” requires us to treat our nation’s defenders so poorly? We seem to forget that when we started our missions in Afghanistan and Iraq that we sent our men and women into urban warfare without so much as proper protective vests. Their families were buying vests for them. In 2011, we were just introducing special underwear that reduced infection following IED explosions. I recalled reading and found a story about that. It included this statement: “While the concept of specially designed protective underwear is new to U.S. troops, the British military has worn similar gear for several years.” http://articles.latimes.com/2011/apr/22/local/la-me-0422-ballistic-boxers-20110422. It makes no sense to deploy troops and leave them without the attributes of “readiness” (including sufficient compensation to keep them and their families safe). But we’ll find the money to keep people from waiting an extra hour at an airport or forcing them to take their private jets to another airport. Thanks, Sheri, for bringing to light this issue.

    • Cheryl – I planned to post something bright and cheerful for my Monday blog but this issue of continuing to put our military in harms way without a second thought of what ‘that’ means is beyond compare of what any other country would consider for one moment. Congress and the President could not reach a compromise and the lives of our men and women in uniform are once again treated as second class citizens. Those who had planned to make the military a career will be forced to leave when downsizing begins. This happened with Vietnam and our services were gutted. When Fort Ord, CA was closed, we lost our only trained urban soldiers. They were told we didn’t need a light infantry. We invaded Iraq and tanks weren’t the answer for the situation we faced and we weren’t prepared for IED blasts. You always raise great points for discussion in your comments to my post and it’s always a pleasure having your comments. Thank you, Cheryl.

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