I don’t have words,

Just an ache inside my soul


Just like everyone else.

All I can give,

All I have to offer

Are prayers

For comfort,

For a community of support.

An unpenetrable wall of love

To surround those families.

Be with them, Lord.

The unthinkable has happened


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About Sheri de Grom

Retired Fed/JAG, 5 yrs. on Capitol Hill. Former book buyer for B and N. Concerned citizen of military drawdown. Currently involved in mental healthcare reform, health care strategist and actively pursuing legislative change wherein dual retirees are exempt from enrolling in Medicare at their own discretion without losing tertiary healthcare benefits. Monitor and comment on Federal Register proposed legislation involving Mental Health, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, Medicare and rural libraries. Licensed OSHA Inspector to include Super Fund sites. Full time caregive to Vietnam era veteran. Conceptualized, investigated possible alternatives, authored, lobbied for, and successfully implemented Title X, Section 1095 (known as the Third Party Collection Program of Federal Insurance).
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  1. J Holmes says:

    Hi Sheri. One of the saddest things about this tragedy is that we will likely see it happen again in some form. People that want to murder children suffer from severe mental illness. Like most nations we have no serious mental health system. I am frustrated that this tragedy occurred and that with a small bit of health care the killer might have been easily prevented from going on his rampage.

    We can not go back in time and prevent that tragedy but we CAN prevent the next one. When we reach out to help a desperately ill person we can not know what we have prevented but we can know that we helped someone.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I have several mental health blogs and will have more in the near future. While our mental health care is seriously lacking, we can also only care for those that desire to be helped. The parent, in this particular situation knew her son had serious problems yet purchased weapons and even included her son in going to the range to learn how to use them. I wonder if he received praise when he hit his target? Perhaps if we put a luxury tax on weapons, increased the difficulty of obtaining them, and made gun shows illegal; perhaps we would have fewer mass shootings. At the present time, there’s nothing keeping a mentally ill individual from buying any type of weapon, to include an automatic, if they haven’t committed a felony.

  2. Helpless indeed. Such a horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the families, friends and the entire community. It is almost unimaginable.

  3. Sheryl says:

    The poem does a nice job of capturing my feelings. Yesterday was a very sad day.

  4. Thank you for sharing this with us. They are everyone’s thoughts captured by a true artist.

  5. Thanks, my friend…I fear the words aren’t adequate, but hopefully convey the loving intent.

  6. I am not at all surprised that you posted this, Sheri, since you have demonstrated your extreme caring for others in everything you write. I, too, am so very, very sad.

  7. Those of us who believe words are what we live by are speechless tonight.

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